Smart Manufacturing, Made Simple.

As robots become more affordable and commonly deployed by companies of all sizes, today's manufacturers must find new ways of gaining a competitive edge. The revolutionary smart cloud robotics™ platform from Tend gives you that power – by putting your production line in the palm of your hand. With real-time monitoring, analysis and alarms delivered to your smart phone, Tend's cloud-based software can help you unlock the hidden potential of your production, with the equipment and staff you already have in place. Don’t wait for the factory of the future to arrive – create yours today.


We’re Honored!

Tend has been named by leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan as the Company of the Year for Industrial Robotics Software. Read more about this prestigious award and what it means for you here.


Tend machines from anywhere

Without the expensive hardware or integration required with most smart manufacturing approaches, Tend in.view™ gets you connected to your robots and equipment from anywhere. From a simple dashboard, you'll access live and historical video feeds, critical event data, and your most important KPIs. Learn how.


Monitor and maximize uptime

Tend in.view™ ensures you never miss an alarm, giving you access to alerts, robot logs and job status updates from your smart phone. You can now stay on top of your production at all times, from across the plant or across the world. Learn how.


Pay as you go

At Tend, we believe in keeping things simple – and that includes our pricing. We’ve brought the simple predictability of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to the manufacturing space, with a consistent monthly charge ($250/month) with no hardware costs, no setup charges, and no contracts.


Just a few reasons why smart cloud robotics™ is changing the game for manufacturers.

Be more flexible.

Monitor and analyze the performance of your production line from anywhere, at any time.

Scale quickly.

From a single robot to a fully automated, distributed production network, Tend lets you scale as needed.

Save time and money.

Do-it-yourself deployments mean you spend less time implementing, and more time innovating.

Reduce CapEx.

Our SaaS model lets you pay monthly, so there’s no up-front investment needed.

Get “Smart” fast.

Typically, smart manufacturing involves expensive networking and integration. We’re not typical.

Plug into the cloud.

The cloud turns your robot into an AI-powered machine that can send, receive and store vast amounts of data.

Leverage your investments.

Continue to use your existing robots, machines and accessories. Just get more out of them.

Use your vision.

Machines were designed to communicate visually. Our software allows your robots to read screens and take visual cues just like you would.

Future-proof your factory.

As the industry becomes more IIoT-enabled and capable of realizing the full 4.0 vision, our technology is designed to help you take advantage of it.


What industry experts are saying.


Tend’s approach… lowers barriers to entry and should encourage rapid adoption.