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Reduce downtime without sensors or changes to your robots. Our secure edge device keeps data inside your factory.

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One Solution - Any Robot

One Solution - Any Robot

Reliable and consistent data, no matter which robot vendor you choose.

Robot & Device Monitoring Platform

Alerts & downtime reports

Tend monitors your factory robots and equipment, sending alerts when maintenance is needed or an alarm is triggered, with the ability to remotely diagnose the cause of problems.

Receive weekly health reports that measure servo stress over time. As performance degrades, anomolies will be detected and you'll be notified before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Machine Learning

Predict robot failures

Tend creates a behavioral model for each axis in the robot or other factory equipment that is used to identify problems over extended periods of time.

Rather than having a servo failure bring the entire production line down, Tend continuously monitors and compares the performance of each axis to the historic profile to identify early signs of mechanical failure.

Secure Remote Access

See more than just the robot

Monitor an HMI from a mobile device or connect directly to a PLC to investigate a problem as if you were in the factory.

Our Cell.Mate edge device provides a secure channel for communication without exposing ports to the internet, preventing any unwanted access.

Secure Edge Analytics

Easy setup, no sensors required

The Tend Cell.Mate™ communicates with your robot in minutes, without programming. Our machine-learning software then self-teaches a baseline of normal robot operation and begins monitoring.

Tend provides exactly what you need to stay on top of your production – even if you’re nowhere near the production line.

Prevent unexpected downtime.
Reduce time to recover from failure.
No programming. No sensors. No nonsense.

At Tend, we believe in keeping things simple. From our low monthly fee to our quick setup process,
our goal is to help our customers realize value right away.

Your Smart Factory Platform

Your Smart Factory Platform

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Servo and device health monitoring and weekly reports help you avoid unexpected downtime.

  • Anomoly Detection
  • Axis and Device Monitoring
  • Weekly Health Reports
Problem Resolution

Problem Resolution

Real-time SMS and email notifications alert you when a robot or device alarms or robot program changes occur.

  • Alarm Notifications
  • Program Backups
  • Downtime Reports
Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Connect to an HMI, Robot or PLC to troubleshoot resolve problems from anywhere to minimize downtime

  • HMI Control
  • PLC Management
  • Robot Logs

Our Partners

Our Partners

We work with our systems integrator partners to provide reliable on-site support.

Smart Robotics Trends

Smart Robotics Trends

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