Never miss a robot alarm.

Never miss a robot alarm.

Monitor your production from anywhere.

Monitor your production from anywhere.

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A Tool for the ‘Robot Responders’

A Tool for the ‘Robot Responders’

“Know First” and “Know Why” When Robots Go Down

Tend in.view™ software ensures you’re the first to know when a robot alarm is triggered, and gives you the insight you need to get back online quickly.

From a cloud-based system that takes minutes to set up, Tend in.view delivers exactly what you need to stay on top of your production – even if you’re nowhere near the production line.

  • Automated SMS / text alerts delivered immediately to your smart phone
  • Live and historical video feeds of your work cell to view the issue
  • Access to robot logs for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Custom job status updates delivered via simple dashboards
  • Simple and affordable: $250/month with no downloads, installation fees or contracts

With Tend in.view you can:

  • Receive alerts from anywhere, as soon as they happen
  • Access complete robot logs and program data
  • Watch live and historical video feeds of the robots affected
  • Proactively monitor robots, jobs and program stats
  • Remotely analyze and troubleshoot issues as they occur
  • Turn your existing equipment into a smart manufacturing system
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A Tool for the ‘Robot Responders’

A Tool for the ‘Robot Responders’

Company of the Year for Industrial Robotics Software

Tend has been named by leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan as the 2017 Company of the Year for Industrial Robotics Software.

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Manufacturers Embracing SaaS for Functionality and Flexibility

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model that revolutionized enterprise software is now helping manufacturers respond to change more quickly and cost effectively in their production. A new white paper by industry analyst MarketSpec examines how cloud robotics is emerging as a safe and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to scale.

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A Tool for the ‘Robot Responders’

Word on the Street

Tend has been featured across leading technology, industry and business media, including:


No Contracts. No Downloads. No Nonsense.

At Tend, we believe in keeping things simple. From our low monthly fee to our no-download setup process, our #1 goal is to create a simple, straightforward process for our customers to start realizing value right away.


How It Works

Setting up the in.view system is simple. In most cases, our customers can do it on their own, but we’re always ready to provide virtual or in-person support as needed. Following are some of the highlights of the setup process. Click here for more detail in our customer documentation.

No robot modifications

As a 100% cloud-based solution, Tend in.view doesn’t require you to download any software onto your robot or establish any network connections inside your IT firewall.

Secure connection

You’ll establish remote access to your robot data through a secure internet gateway we call the Sidekick. You can choose either a physical or virtual edge device depending on your preferences.

Unlimited connection options

Our system is completely customizable and can be configured to connect as many robots and users as you’d like. Adding and subtracting robots and users is a simple and secure process.

Interested in learning more about Tend or setting up a 30-minute live demo of our in.view application?  Reach out to us and we’ll be back in touch immediately.

Email us directly at!

Media Inquiries: Download our press kit or email to speak with a company spokesperson.

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