Your Hardware, Our Software

Choose the best hardware for each task without learning new software.

Any robot

Sawyer robot
ur5 robotic arm

Any webcam

webcam pic
webcam with lights

Any gripper

parallel grippers
robotiq gripper

Your Machines

Artificial intelligence reads the machine’s display and presses buttons just like a human would. never requires you to modify or network your machines.

replicator pic
cnc machine pic

Cloud Robotics

Monitor and control your machines from any device.

Install camera on robot

Attach Accessories

Mount your webcam and gripper to the robot. This will be used to read displays and push buttons on your existing machines.

Connect computer

Connect to Cloud

The provided preconfigured computer connects to the internet. Plug in your robot & webcam. screen

Train, Control, Monitor

Use an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to control and monitor your robots with ease. Benefits

In minutes, you can train to interact with your machines
just like you do.

Hardware Agnostic

Use any collaborative robot, webcam, or gripper you choose


No system integrators required to modify or network your machines

One Robot, Many Machines

No limit to the number of machines

Cloud Software

Thanks to cloud computing, you won't need high-end cameras or computers

Monitoring & Control

Use any iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device to manage your robots

SaaS Pricing

Simple, monthly subscription billing keeps costs predictable


What industry experts are saying.


This could become a force to be reckoned with.


You’ve been hearing about artificial intelligence for years—now here’s your chance to actually put it in motion.


The problem being solved is one that’s bothered me for many years.

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meet the team

We're a small team with a passion for robotics, artificial intelligence, security and computer vision.

Mark Silliman pic

Mark Silliman

Cloud Robotics
Artificial Intelligence
CEO of 3 Tech Startups
Founder Acquisition 2015
Robert Kieffer pic

Robert Kieffer

Backend Development
Electrical Engineering
Google, Facebook
2 Founder Acquisitions
James Gentes pic

James Gentes

Frontend Development
Computer Security
VERITAS, Symantec
Founder Acquisition 2015
Sam Ellis pic

Sam Ellis

Computer Vision, DevOps
Industrial Engineering
Northwestern University, NSA
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Mandy Dwight pic

Mandy Dwight

Global Robotics Sales
Automation Technology Solutions
Research and Development Markets
Rethink Robotics, SoftBank Robotics
cloud robotics software coming soon


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