Smart Manufacturing, Made Simple.

For years, the manufacturing world has been chasing the dream of IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. But few manufacturers have the resources or equipment to make those dreams come true. We’re taking a unique approach to help companies begin realizing those ideals today, by harnessing the power of AI, the cloud and advanced robotics on a single platform. The result? We can help you unlock the hidden potential of your production line through real-time control and analytics, with the equipment and staff you already have in place.

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Control any robot.

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Tend any machine.

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From any location.

Get in.control™

Tend in.control™ is our revolutionary smart cloud robotics™ platform that lets you monitor and control any robot, tending any machine, from any location. This cloud-based solution requires no software downloads and can optimize your work cells by allowing your robots to switch between multiple tasks without reprogramming. Simple dashboards provide a real-time view into the status of your robots, machines and specific jobs – ensuring you have control and visibility over your production lines at all times.

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It sounds easy... (Because it is.)

Our 3-step implementation process can be done in under an hour.

Install camera on robot

1. Attach accessories.

Mount your webcam and end effector to the robot of your choice. It’s now ready to read HMI screens, check parts, tend GUIs on your machines, and much more.

Connect computer

2. Connect to cloud.

Plug your robot and accessories into the preconfigured computer. Your secure internet connection sits outside your firewall and is ready to put you in.control™ of your production from anywhere. screen

3. Train, control, monitor.

Grab your favorite device to access our simple interface. In minutes, you’ll learn how to control your robots, monitor key production data, and become a “Smart” manufacturer.

Tend to your production.

Just a few reasons why smart cloud robotics™ is changing the game for manufacturers.


Be more flexible.

Monitor, control and analyze the performance of your production line from anywhere, at any time.


Leverage your investments.

Continue to use your existing robots, machines and accessories. Just get more out of them.


Scale quickly.

Rather than sitting idle during long machine cycles or between jobs, your robot can jump automatically to other tasks.


Save time and money.

Do-it-yourself deployments mean you spend less time implementing, and more time innovating.


Reduce CapEx.

Our SaaS model lets you pay by the month, so there’s no up-front investment needed in equipment or networking.


Get "Smart" fast.

Typically, the path to Smart Manufacturing is filled with expensive networking and integration. We’re not typical.


Plug into the cloud.

The cloud turns your robot into an AI-powered machine that can send, store and receive vast amounts of data.


Use your vision.

Machines were designed to communicate visually. Our software allows your robots to read screens and take visual cues just like you would.


Future-proof your factory.

As the industry becomes more IIoT-enabled and capable of realizing the full 4.0 vision, our technology is designed to help you take advantage of it.

Rave Reviews

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This could become a force to be reckoned with.


You’ve been hearing about artificial intelligence for years—now here’s your chance to actually put it in motion.


The problem being solved is one that’s bothered me for many years.

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