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<p>Trends in Smart Robotics</p>
Factory efficiency can be achieved through robot downtime reporting

4 Ways to Drive Factory Efficiency with Robot Downtime Reporting

Drive factory efficiency by monitoring your production line in real time, analyzing downtime, diagnosing problems, and predicting failures before they happen.

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Do you live on the edge? For Industrial IoT, It’s Better

Edge computing is rapidly becoming the most critical component of industrial IoT, replacing pure cloud-based systems in large manufacturing environments.  Over 72% of American manufacturers are already investing in Edge computing solutions, according to Futurum Research: The reasons shouldn’t surprise you. We all started hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT) early in the last […]

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Great Minds Think Alike: Shouldn’t Robots?

A few months ago, The International Federation of Robotics announced that “Global industrial robot sales doubled over the past five years.”  While this is no real surprise to most of us, what is surprising is that none of them speak the same language. For the most part, the industrial robot industry is still stuck in […]

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Smarter Predictive Maintenance

While managing a large portion of SAP’s Big Data and Analytics business, I ran into a big problem. We created solutions for “smart factory” predictive maintenance by feeding humongous amounts of data into SAP’s HANA in-memory database for near instant analysis and recommended corrective action to prevent problems.  It worked. It was amazing.  Yet nearly none of […]

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Smart Robots Run Tend

Smart: Predictive maintenance made easy

Reliable: Instant alerts for critial issues

Secure: Edge computing keeps data local

This blog is dedicated to bringing new thoughts on the goal of keeping factories up and running. Not just giant ones building planes and cars, but factories using robots to change the world with lower costs making cooler stuff, like craft beer.