Mark Silliman Picture

Mark Silliman

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Mark has been the CEO of three previous tech startups, including a successful exit in December, 2015.  His previous startup, Smartwaiver, brought the power of cloud computing to an entrenched, offline industry by revolutionizing the way they viewed data. He has been involved in the robotic development community for more than 5 years.  Today, Mark is focused on driving how artificial intelligence and robotics will shape manufacturing tomorrow.

Robert Kieffer Picture

Robert Kieffer

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer


As CTO, Robert is tasked with weaving together the worlds of robotic automation, cloud infrastructure, and modern web development.  His career spans three decades as software engineer and architect in aerospace, academia, and the private sector.  Tend is Robert’s fifth startup (fourth as cofounder), with previous startups resulting in acquisitions by Sun Microsystems, AOL, and most recently, Facebook.

James Gentes Picture

James Gentes

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer


James is our product champion responsible for delivering software that our customers love. With nearly 20 years in product management at enterprise software companies and the acquisition of his previous startup in 2015, James brings a wealth of experience to Tend as product leader and head of front-end development.

Mandy Dwight Picture

Mandy Dwight

Chief Revenue Officer


As CRO, Mandy is responsible for the revenue generation strategies, go-to-market solutions, and sales operations that bring smart cloud robotics to the factory floors of manufacturing customers. Mandy is a sales leader in global robotics, automation technology solutions, and research and development markets. She has a strong background in business development and customer success, having spent time at forward-thinking companies such as SoftBank Robotics and Rethink Robotics, as well as in educational leadership.

Eric Foellmer Picture

Eric Foellmer

Chief Marketing Officer


As CMO, Eric is responsible for defining our brand and ensuring it is well positioned for success.  Eric has been in the manufacturing automation space for nearly 20 years, and has been a regular speaker, content contributor and exhibitor at most major industry events over that time. He has been part of a wide range of innovative and disruptive technology companies throughout his career, including GE Fanuc, PTC and Rethink Robotics, where he helped introduce collaborative robots to the world in 2012.

Sam Ellis Picture

Sam Ellis

Computer Vision Engineer

Sam uses his experience in software, paired with a deep knowledge of industrial engineering, to help build features that push the boundaries of what software can do in an industrial setting. As a software engineer at Tend, he focuses on building our computer vision system, cloud architecture, and user interface. Sam started his career as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in Industrial Engineering at Northwestern University. He went on to spend several years as a software engineer at the National Security Agency.

Chris Gilmer Picture

Chris Gilmer

Robotics Engineer


As a Robotics Engineer at Tend, Chris helps integrate and interface robots to work seamlessly with our software application. Chris brings extensive robotics experience from NASA JPL, with projects including the Mars Rover Curiosity and ATHLETE. He also helped manage infrastructure and interface robots at Counsyl's automated genetics laboratory.  In addition, Chris has worked for over 7 years in software development and operations at companies such as Rackspace, Pandora, and Zillow.  Chris has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Control Systems from the University of Southern California.