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Tend in.view

Stay connected to your production.

Stay connected to your production.

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An alarm on your production line means your business isn’t running at full speed.

A new software solution from Tend makes sure you’re the first to know when that happens, so you can get back online quickly. Introducing Tend in.view (“intelligent view”), the award-winning smart cloud robotics™ solution that puts your production line in the palm of your hand.

Tend in.view delivers SMS and text alerts to your phone the minute a problem occurs. And once you’re aware there’s an issue, in.view gives you access to the information you need to get back up and running quickly, including robot logs, program states, and custom registers.

The Value of Tend in.view

Never miss a robot alarm

SMS / text alerts are automatically sent to your phone the minute there’s an issue

Troubleshoot problems remotely

Download robot logs, check program states and watch video feeds of issues as they happen

Maximize uptime and efficiency

With 24×7 access to your robots’ status and data, you’ll expedite response time and get back online more quickly

Connect robots in minutes

With nothing to download or integrate, you’ll be connected and monitoring robots in minutes

An alarm on your production line means your business isn’t running at full speed.

Interested in learning more about Tend or setting up a 30-minute live demo of our in.view application?  Reach out to us and we’ll be back in touch immediately.

Email us directly at contact@tend.ai!

Media Inquiries: Download our press kit or email media@tend.ai to speak with a company spokesperson.

No Contracts. No Downloads. No Nonsense.

At Tend, we believe in keeping things simple. From our low monthly fee to our no-download setup process, our #1 goal is to create a simple, straightforward process for our customers to start realizing value right away.

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