In.Production™ Smart Factory Performance Platform

In.Production™ Smart Factory Performance Platform

Smart Factories Run Tend

Smart Factories Run Tend

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Keep Your Factory Humming with the ONLY Robot-Agnostic Smart Factory Performance Management Platform

In.production is an easy-to-use, yet powerful software platform to take your factory automation to the next level of reliable performance

Each of our software tools shares core design pillars:

  • Hardened Security
  • Easy set-up in minutes without programming
  • Instant alerts and remote access
  • Complete robot cell view & diagnostics
  • Robot and CNC equipment agnostic

In.production software suite is the essential platform for smart factory performance management.  Smart Factories Run Tend.

  • In.advance: Smart Predictive Maintenance equips factory managers and robot engineers with an early-warning system for robot maintenance issues by servo. Set-up without programming and running locally to provide ample warning when a robot shows signs of failure, preventing unexpected production shut-downs.
  • In.event: Real-time Monitoring and Diagnoses of robots and ancillary devices within the robot cells. Alerts can be configured based on severity to trigger text messages and/or emails to groups or individuals for instant response.  Access to current robot and cell state, including camera and historical data to determine root cause.
  • In.vault: Secure Repository for Robot Programs. Back-up existing programs to protected storage location. Restore previous program versions directly to your robots in the event a of corruption or operational issues.
  • In.view: Remote Access of PLC Screens to allow a holistic view of the entire operation within the robot cells. View and control a PLC from your phone, tablet or browser.
  • In.person: Instant Video Streaming with Pointer provides a virtual “in-cell” experience for a remote technician to view and direct a person armed with only a cell phone to pinpoint issues visually and resolve.
  • In.control: Computer Vision Driven Machine Operation enables easy training of a collaborative robot to operate a CNC or similar machine when a programable interface is impractical for a variety of reasons.

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