Add New Value to Old Machines

Manufacturing in the 21st century is changing more quickly than ever – yet most manufacturing processes are still being run by 20th century machines. Why? Because they work – and because the time and cost implications of replacing them are substantial. Tend lets you tap into the flexibility of cutting edge automation solutions while continuing to leverage your considerable legacy equipment investments.


in.control™: Smart machine tending

Tend in.control™ (“intelligent control”) is a revolutionary smart cloud robotics™ software platform that allows manufacturers to remotely control and monitor their robots, while using cameras to interact visually with machines, like a human would. Learn more


in.view™: Robot uptime monitoring

Tend in.view™ (“intelligent view”) software is designed for customers who don’t yet require the full capabilities of in.control, but need automated uptime monitoring via notifications and alarms delivered to their phones, to keep them "in the know" at all times. Learn more

Tend Smart Cloud Robotics Solutions: At a Glance

Connect quickly and easily to collaborative and industrial robots via the cloud
Automatically receive alarm and alert notifications
Remotely monitor and troubleshoot robots
Use cameras to interact visually with machines
Train and control robots from a simple mobile application
Tend multiple machines simultaneously
Pay monthly as an Operating Expense (OpEx) charge with no contracts
$500 / month
$250 / month


Tend in.control and in.view are both fully secure, cloud-based applications that require no software downloads or firewall modifications. To further extend the value of the software, Tend leverages a number of common devices and related technologies that can make a big impact on your jobs.


Vision is a key part of the Tend solution, because our vision system acts as a “universal sensor” that allows your robots to read HMI screens, load parts and collect data without being networked to the machine it’s tending. But we’re not picky about what camera you use – typically, a simple USB3 device or similar will do the trick. And once the desired image is captured, our software does the rest.


All in.control and in.view shipments come with a mini computer we call the Sidekick. The Sidekick is a smart edge device that sits outside your private network and plugs into your robots via a standard Ethernet cable, which allows your arms to be connected to our cloud software applications. The Sidekick arrives pre-configured to the type of robot you’re using, so it’s literally plug and play.


While we clearly view robots as far more than “accessories” on your factory floor, we include them here because they add great value to our software solution. The Tend system works with the leading collaborative and industrial robot arms, ensuring you can continue to leverage and extend the value of the technologies you already have in place.

End Effectors

The right gripper can make all the difference on your application. Whether your end of arm tooling is designed to load parts into and out of the machine, or position a mounted camera in front of an HMI, we can connect to what you’re already working with today – or provide one for you if needed.