Tend in.control

Tend Your Machines From Anywhere

Tend in.control™ (“intelligent control”) is the first smart cloud robotics software platform that gives you the power and flexibility to train, control and monitor your machine tending robots from your smart phone.

Cost: $500 / month


Tend in.control was designed to optimize the flexibility of machine tending applications, by giving you control and access to your production robots from anywhere, at any time.  Using basic cameras, Tend in.control allows your robots to read HMI screens and interact with machines visually, as a human would.  It can tend multiple machines simultaneously, while automatically sending alarm notifications, error messages and robot logs to your smart phone. And to ensure you can continue using your existing infrastructure, this cloud-based solution requires no software downloads, networking or PLC integration.  It’s a flexible and cost-effective new way to stay in.control of your production at all times.