Never Miss a Production Alarm

Tend in.view™ (“intelligent view”) software is designed to maximize your production uptime, by ensuring you always have visibility into the status of your robots with automated notifications and alarms delivered instantly to your smart phone.

Cost: $250 / month


No matter where it’s coming from, a robot alarm on your production line means your business isn’t running at full speed. Tend in.view makes sure you’re the first to know when that happens, so you can get back online quickly. Tend in.view instantly delivers alarms and other status triggers to your smart phone, giving you 24×7 access to your robots – whether they’re across the factory or across the world. Over a fully secure application, Tend in.view ensures you’re always up to date on the status of your production – with no installations, robot modifications or firewall settings required.  Don’t let your next production issue take you by surprise – put it in.view.

Watch The Video

Check out the video highlighting the remote monitoring and analysis capabilities of in.control, which are also available as a stand-alone functionality via the in.view application.